Theme, Dashboard & Admin

Learn Site Basics & WP Theme

Themes dictate the visual design and layout of a website, acting as its “skin.” Block themes offer flexibility by focusing on individual content blocks, allowing users to create unique layouts.

The dashboard is the admin area of your website where you manage your design, content and website settings.

Blocks, Patterns & Layouts

How To Use WP Blocks

With our collection of WordPress blocks,patterns and layouts you can create and customize your content easily in a simple and visual way.

Learn Website Tools & Features

Imagine your WordPress website is a basic smartphone, and you want to add some extra features to make it more powerful and customized, like adding a new camera app or a fitness tracker. That’s where WordPress plugins come in.

WordPress plugins are like apps for your website. They are small software add-ons that you can install to enhance or extend the functionality of your site. Each plugin serves a specific purpose, whether it’s adding a contact form, adding a gallery, improving your site’s SEO, or integrating with analytics.

Site Editing & Templates

Full-Site Editing With Templates

With block theme full-site editing, use blocks to customize your layouts for any page or section of your site without any code or development.